Interior Photographer

Getting started as an interior photographer

July 1, 2019

It is a fact that cannot be contradicted that there is a boost in interior photography. It is in high demand with the rise of architecture. Though the needs of an interior designer are different from that of a real estate agent, they both need engaging and fabulous pictures for their business. In the first place, it seems somewhat daunting. But if you follow some guidelines and essential tips, you can offer quality images to your clients, and you can get your career as Interior Photographer to the heights of excellence. There are undoubtedly some hurdles, but you may overcome your performance.

Interior Photographer

You need to make the right selection of lenses. You will need a DSLR, a type of wide angle lenses and also you should have a nice glass with you. You should have both of these two lenses and select the best brand that may give excellent results. To get enough flexibility for interiors, you should have a 16-35 mm lens for wide shots. You need to test them before you buy these lenses. There are various distortions of edges and sharpness from brand to brand. You should buy the brand that is helpful in your work as an interior photographer. You will notice over time that there is a spot for distortions.
Please work with strobes, but the budget is something that matters. You will then opt for flash units instead of going for strobes. You should always have a flash unit with you along with wireless triggers to use with it. A trigger has some advantages. It allows you to move your flashlight everywhere you want. You should select the best triggers for your photography. There should be softbox that may help you to absorb lights. For your start, it will be sufficient for you to have a complete flash unit with you. It will be enough in the beginning, and then you may have other add-ons in futures.
When you are to take wide shots, you will feel the necessity of tripods. It is necessary for your vast shot ventures. It should be sturdy, stable, and well built. Don’t go for cheap tripods to save money. Buy an excellent and standard tripod. But if you are in the start and don’t have much money, a standard tripod will work, but to be a professional Interior Photographer, you need to have some standard and branded tripod. If you are to shoot details, you will need to use handheld because you will have you move yourself too tight corners and take shot in awkward angles. Details are improvised because each space and decoration has something different from others and unique. It is a special one in this kind of photography.
You will need to get a Cam ranger, which will give you a facility to connect your camera to a tablet, phone, or laptop. It will allow you to control and set your camera remotely. When you work with an interior designer, you will need it.