cool things to post on instagram

Instagram’s creative ideas

July 22, 2020

Instagram is a base to tell anything to anyone. There are many options to make yourself a little higher and more than ever you think for. In this article, we are going to see the things that are related to post on the cool things to post on instagram .

cool things to post on instagram

Be a path to the audience:

  • If you are interested in digital things or any kind of software related then be the first to inform the new arrivals to these people on the Instagram pages.
  • This is a kind which is more useful information will go to the people. Or break out the factors of the product to the audience.
  • For example, if you a person always using the new or latest model mobiles or gadgets then you will get more benefits from the following things.
  • Your hobby may be updating your phone after every new launch. This can be great content for the people. After you receive the mobile you can shoot the unboxing video first. Post it on your stories or the post.
  • Then you can make the video all about the features of the mobile and every detail about it. It can be new to the users some may not have an idea about the information that gains more interest to your page.
  • Being very first to do this is very important because that phone may have the same features if some other people with the same field of interest have. So your points won’t be new to the people if you deliver it to them late.
  • Not only for mobile but also you can do this review session to all kinds of gadgets.
  • You can post inspiring people about their lifestyle and everything.
  • How they started their life initially and where they reached today, what are the things they go through in their life, how passionately they had done their job or role.
  • For this, you do not want to go and take an interview in person to them. You can collect the details from Google about them or their past interviews and many other options are there to collect the famous people’s lifestyle.
  • For example Cristiano Ronaldo a famous football player. His famous are countless while receiving an award he was telling about his life history. Many people never heard or seen that you can get those and make it as a short video to give inspiration to others.
  • Likewise, all know about the late Mother Teresa, the young and furious Malala and many such personalities are there to inspire us. Those will inspire others too.
  • For the fun-filled activities, you can post a video every Sunday. You can make your Sunday more perfect. If you start to do the vlogging on Sundays.
  • By this, you will post a video consistently on every Sunday. Even if you are going out on Sunday’s then you can just take a video little of your work and journey. Sunday vlogging is a favorite for many of the lazy Sunday lovers. Even your work may motivate them.